Integrative Approach

We aim to be a solution, not a band-aid. We dig deep to find the root cause of your health problems and manage them as fully as possible. We strive to do more than just mask your symptoms.


Proven Results

We have had many success stories across our years in practice that speak to how our unique approach and experience can help patients. We’re happy to share our program’s results with you.

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Whole Body Support

We look at you as a whole person, not just your symptoms. Your current health conditions involve many different systems throughout the body. We address everything that could be affecting how you feel.

Care with Heart

Health and Wellness



International Academic Qualifications Iuliana Lixandru
International Academic Qualifications Iuliana Lixandru

Iuliana Lixandru uses a combination of Oriental medicine, homeopathy, functional wellness and many other approaches to help you achieve optimal health in a natural and effective manner. Her unique experience with alternative medicine combined with compassion and understanding set her apart from other care providers and ensure each patient is cared for in the most comprehensive manner possible.

In our office, we want to see the health of each of our patients improve by eliminating the roadblocks that are standing in their way. This is why we offer personalized care that is focused on finding the root causes of your symptoms and addressing them one-by-one.

While internal health is a main focus for Iuliana, she also understands how important it is to feel good about yourself. This is why she offers a wide range of dermatology and wellness services that support healthy skin and improved confidence. For those who are challenged by skin issues that haven't been easily improved, she will work diligently to find solutions that often begin by improving internal health...


Personal Passion

We love helping patients achieve lasting improvements in their quality of life. Our approach integrates lifestyle interventions and a focus of functional wellness as needed to get the best results possible.

Customized Care

We design our programs to be comprehensive, but not cookie-cutter. We scale every aspect of our care to be individualized for each client. We treat you like an individual not just a set of symptoms.

Education for Our Patients

We empower our patients with the knowledge and education they need to successfully manage their own health. We’ll teach you why you have certain symptoms, and what you can do about it.

More About Iuliana Lixandru

Iuliana's multifaceted approach is a combination of everything she has learned from her various certifications and degrees, including functional medicine, Oriental medicine and dermatology.

Iuliana Lixandru has a passion for natural care that encourages better health and a body that functions more optimally. However, her practice isn’t quite the same as other natural care providers in the area. Her extensive education in alternative medicines has put her in a unique position to offer more well-rounded care that can effectively change lives.


The services we offer to each patient will differ based on their individual concerns and overall health. However, you can see the broad scope of the services we offer overall below.

Dermatology and Anti-Aging Services
Fertility, Pregnancy and IVF Support Services
Functional Medicine
Exercise and Nutrition
Exercise and Nutrition
Finding Connections Between Your Internal Systems

Our Mission, Vision and Values

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How We Work

The Importance Of Finding The Right Care

One important part of our practice is educating our patients on their bodies and the health issues impacting them. This gives them the details they need to begin playing a bigger role in their own health care. From here, we explain which solutions can help improve their health…READ MORE > »
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Why We're Different

Lifestyle Changes Can Improve Your Health

In our office, we offer a different approach with drug-free solutions. These are meant to heal the body and address even small issues so each system can begin functioning at a more optimal level. Through this type of care, most patients find that their health issues resolve and their symptoms naturally dissipate…READ MORE > »
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We Help Patients Find Their Path To Wellness

It’s very unlikely you’d find care providers in the area who can offer the wide range of services that we do. By bringing the best care techniques from both east and west, every patient gets the best approach that’s geared toward finding and resolving symptoms…



Becoming A Patient

Find and also address your individual health issues

Each of our patients is unique and every situation is different. For those who simply don’t feel like themselves, we can help. With in-depth testing and a wide variety of solutions that stem from years of education, we’ll do our best to help you find better health. We welcome all patients who simply want natural help in order to feel their best…READ MORE > »


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