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iluanaIuliana Lixandru has a passion for natural care that encourages better health and a body that functions more optimally. However, her practice isn’t quite the same as other natural care providers in the area. Her extensive education in alternative medicines has put her in a unique position to offer more well-rounded care that can effectively change lives.

Her multifaceted approach is a combination of everything she has learned from her various certifications and degrees, including functional medicine, Oriental medicine and dermatology.

Our patients come to us knowing we are there to help them with their overall health and well-being, whether they are dealing with infertility or acne. We offer well-rounded support using our vast experience and deep understanding of the body. With personal dedication to improving lives, you won’t find other care providers who genuinely want to help their patients feel better and resolve their health issues.

International Academic Qualifications Iuliana Lixandru
International Academic Qualifications Iuliana Lixandru

A Focus on Women’s Health

Personal experience has driven Iuliana’s passion for helping women, as she knows it can be difficult to find effective help for personal health struggles. She finds joy in assisting women in the journey to reclaiming their health and rediscovering their confidence. Her main focuses include fertility and pregnancy support as well as hormone balance and help with skin issues. She is also trained in dermatology, in which she proudly offers a wide range of services, including facial rejuvenation and acupuncture. Helping you feel your best is important, this is why she will go the extra mile to make sure that happens.

What’s Causing Your Health Issues?

It can be frustrating to see physician after physician without ever finding out why your health isn’t improving. We will work diligently to end this cycle by providing comprehensive care. This includes extensive testing with careful attention to detail. Through this, we are capable of finding the root cause of the problem so it can finally be addressed in an effective manner. Many of our patients are surprised to find that they have undetected imbalances or deficiencies that have been major contributors to their symptoms.

Once these issues are identified, we will create a custom wellness plan that includes personalized solutions. These solutions are derived from different types of healthcare, including Oriental medicine and functional wellness. If you’re looking to break away from traditional healthcare in order to learn the underlying issues contributing to your health challenges, this in-depth approach can help.

Help with Living a Better Life

Everyone wants to live a better life where they can feel confident about their health and appearance. However, most people don’t have the tools or resources to make this happen. In our office, we step in with testing, knowledge and the tools that can change things for the better. We embrace the body’s ability to heal and offer effective solutions that can help you live a genuinely better life. From your appearance to the way you feel, we’ll dig deep to help you in all areas you’re concerned about.

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