How We Work


Our office runs differently from most other healthcare offices our patients are used to visiting. It’s for this reason that we’d like to offer a glimpse into how we work. With this information, you can determine if we’re the right fit for you and what you can expect when you visit.



Personalized Evaluation

Generic healthcare doesn’t work for everyone, which is why we offer personalized care to each and every patient we work with. Initially, this includes a personalized evaluation to identify imbalances, deficiencies, conditions and other issues within your body. This is done with a wide range of tests and exams that will dig deep into your health to determine why you’re experiencing symptoms and certain health problems.

Solution Plan

Once we have your evaluation results, we’ll use our problem-solving skills to determine which solutions are necessary to address each individual issue found. By addressing even small problems, your body will have what it needs to begin functioning better so your health issues naturally dissipate. Every solution plan is personalized for each patient, so it’s impossible to say what will be included in yours until your evaluation has been completed. We will utilize Oriental medicine, functional medicine, homeopathy, herbal supplements, yoga, acupuncture and anything else we might feel fits into place to help you.

Patient Education

One important part of our practice is educating our patients on their bodies and the health issues impacting them. This gives them the details they need to begin playing a bigger role in their own health care. From here, we explain which solutions can help improve their health and how to implement them in their everyday life.

By having the tools and education you need, you can begin making permanent lifestyle changes that resolve health issues and eventually lead to improved health and wellness. This does require a high level of commitment and won’t produce results overnight, so it’s important to dedicate yourself to change before beginning the process. We want to heal your body, which is something that takes time.

Follow Up Appointments

Once you have your solution plan and understand more about your health and why each solution is important, you will begin making lifestyle changes as recommended. Throughout your journey, we will have follow-up appointments that vary in frequency depending on your specific health issue. These will allow us to update your test results, discuss your individual health goals, and adjust solutions as they are needed. Personalized care is what we focus on and that will be carried through in each appointment with us.

A Different Healthcare Experience

When you come to our office for help with fertility, skin issues, weight gain, or general health concerns, we will give you our best. We’ll look in every direction and use our experience with Oriental medicine, functional medicine, dermatology and other healthcare approaches to identify what will help you. This is a far cry from the generic care you’d receive in other offices and utilizes techniques that are designed to heal the body rather than temporarily numb symptoms.

With longer appointments that provide the time needed to address concerns and answer questions, your experience will leave you confident in your healthcare. Better health for each patient is what drives us and is why we are thorough and constantly continue our education.


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