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Many of our patients come to us feeling alone because they haven’t found a care provider who can help them. In our office, we want you to know that you’re never alone. While your health is 100% unique, the symptoms or challenges you’re experiencing have likely been experienced by others. Some of the most common situations we see can be found below. However, keep in mind that our practice does not limit our patients, so even if you can’t relate to what you see below, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you.

You’re a Woman Struggling with Fertility

• You’ve experienced miscarriages.
• You’re not finding success in getting pregnant.
• You have fibroids but want to get pregnant.
• You have PCOS but want to get pregnant

You’re Someone Who Doesn’t Feel Confident in Their Skin

• You have eczema and can’t seem to find a solution to help.
• You have scars that you always cover up.
• You have psoriasis.
• You have rosacea or redness.
• Your skin no longer has a healthy glow.
• You have deep wrinkles and acne scars

You’re a Woman Struggling with Overall Health

• You’re having trouble losing weight.
• Your mood swings are out of control.
• You have severe migraines or constant headaches.
• You’re constantly fatigued and can’t find energy.
• You have hormone imbalances but don’t know how to correct them.
• Your allergies prevent you from living a comfortable life

You’re a Parent

• Of a child with burns or acne scars.
• Of a teen who lacks confidence because of their skin problems.

Being in any of the situations above can be challenging and leave you with many questions about your health. Our office looks forward to answering your questions and ultimately guiding you to better health through in-depth care. We have extensive experience working with the situations above as well as many others. If you’re struggling with your health and you want to feel better or make effective changes, we welcome you to visit our office.

Answers to Your Healthcare Questions

Too often we see patients who have exhausted themselves trying to find care providers who can tell them why they feel the way they do. In our office, that’s unacceptable. That’s why we use in-depth testing in order to identify the root cause of the problem and bring it to the forefront. With the results, we can give you personalized information about your body so you can finally understand what’s going on inside.

When it comes to your health, you shouldn’t feel as though it’s a mystery. Instead, you should feel like you’re capable of making changes that facilitate health you can feel good about. We are here to help make that happen with comprehensive care using the best of Oriental medicine, dermatology and functional medicine.

Overcoming What’s Holding You Back

It can be easy to run into roadblocks on your journey to better health and wellness. This could be a doctor telling you that you’re “too old” to get pregnant or frustration when IVF doesn’t work. In our office, we want to renew your sense of hope by eliminating the roadblocks that are getting in the way of better health.

Our in-depth approach combined with the determination to find the root cause of the problem means more effective results. This also applies to patients coming to us for dermatology services, as we understand how beautiful life can be when you feel good about yourself and the way you look. Ultimately, nothing should hold you back from creating the life you want.


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