Why We’re Different

Lab WorkerFor most individuals, one of the most challenging aspects of healthcare is that the majority of offices run very similarly. They make you wait, they see you for five minutes and then they write a prescription. In our office, we’re different and feel it’s important to share our unique qualities so you know what to expect when you work with us. Feel free to learn more about each of these qualities and why they’re so important with the information below.

Different Types of Care in the Same Place

Iuliana has experience in many different areas of healthcare that allows her to ensure each of her patients are given the exact type of support that they need. Her credentials include a Master’s in Oriental medicine and acupuncture, certifications in acupuncture for pregnancy, a certification in vibrational acupuncture, a clinical homeopathy certification and more.

Iuliana pulls her training and education from each of these areas to provide well-rounded care that helps improve health on a deeper level. It’s very unlikely you’d find a care provider in the area who can offer the wide range of services that she does. By bringing the best care techniques from both east and west, every patient gets the best approach that’s geared toward finding the resolving the symptoms at hand.

Care with Heart

We enjoy seeing our patients thrive and discover better health and overall wellness. That’s why we spend more time with you, listen to your concerns, and take the time to personalize your care every step of the way. Whether we’re working with a child who has burns or a woman who is trying to get pregnant, we offer compassion and understanding. This stems from personal experience as well as the drive to help people and improve lives. If you want a care provider who truly listens, Iuliana is an excellent choice.

Drug-Free Solutions

While prescription medications may seem to work because they make your symptoms go away, do you notice that they come back once the medication wears off? That’s because drugs don’t actually resolve the root cause of the problem, which only allows it to get worse over time. In our office, we offer a different approach with drug-free solutions. These are meant to heal the body and address even small issues so each system can begin functioning at a more optimal level. Through this type of care, most patients find that their health issues resolve and their symptoms naturally dissipate.

A Focus on Feeling Good

Feeling great about yourself and the way you look is an important part of being healthy. That’s why dermatology is one of the areas that Iuliana has made a priority throughout her career. She loves helping her patients feel better and become more comfortable in their own skin. She’s also glad to help her patients learn more about how internal health can be connected to healthy skin so each individual can begin taking better care of themselves.

Educating Patients for Confident Healthcare

In our practice, patients play a key role in improving their own health and overall wellness. That’s why we take the time to educate each individual about their body and why certain solutions are so important to incorporate into their lives. With this information and the tools needed to implement each solution, patients are able to take charge of their health and find confidence in making improvements in their lifestyle.

What’s Important to You?

When it comes to your healthcare, what’s most important to you when you see a physician? Some of the differences you’ll find in our office that tend to be important to our patients include:

•Quality care that focuses on improving health at the core
•Help with finding effective ways to improve lifestyle
•Longer appointments to facilitate quality care
•Prioritization of patient education and understanding
•In-depth testing to find the root cause of the problem
•Approaches in eastern and western medicines


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